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Sage Vision is committed to helping millions of Pennsylvanians perform everyday tasks and cope with low vision as a result of their eye conditions through the use of low vision assistive technology.

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reads aloud and you hold it like a pen.

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We help you figure out what works for you.

Sage Vision carries a variety of low vision devices and offers on-site personalized demonstrations, one-on-one training, support and service so you can continue to do the things you love.

Let’s figure it out.

Call us to schedule a device demonstration or if you need technical support on the device you currently have.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“OH WOW! I did not know that there were so many devices out there for the visually impaired.
Sage Vision was so totally helpful !”


I can’t believe how fast the turn-around is that I’m getting assistance for my device!


I truly appreciate your patience while training me over the phone.


I can’t believe Sage Vision answered their phone during COVID-19!


Many, many happy returns for 12 good months! One of them was the best for me when I discovered Sage Vision!


Dawn is celebrating her first anniversary as the owner of Sage Vision.  In her first year at the helm, Dawn and her team continue to strive to make access technology available to anyone in Pennsylvania that would benefit from its application.  Dawn continues to support PAB and their member agencies in promoting independence for those individuals with vision impairments. Again, congratulations to Dawn and her team for achieving this milestone and for a bright future for Sage Vision.

John McInerney, Interim CEO Pennsylvania Association for the Blind (PAB)

Just a quick note of thanks for the excellent training you provided yesterday on my OrCam.

You were very well prepared and organized. Great presentation!

Stewart, Philadelphia, PA

Empowering Lives

Kids & Education

We’re committed to partnering with the education community to meet the unique needs of the visually impaired students in the classroom and beyond through the use of assistive technology products.


Our goals are to help people learn how to use their devices to perform routine tasks, foster the confidence to incorporate the tools into their everyday lives and live life to their full potential, at any age.

Those We Serve

We eagerly partner with many PA- based organizations (including veterans groups, Lions Clubs, and schools) to bring awareness of low vision across the state and what solutions are out there.

Professionals & Providers

We’re committed to partnering with medical providers and professionals to help educate patients about low vision through product demonstrations, support, and training for caregivers and teachers.

We proudly carry state of the art products from these vendors:

  • Vispero
  • OrCam
  • NuEyes
  • Low Vision International (LVI)
  • Irisvision
  • HIMS