Sage Vision Mission

No matter where a person is on the vision spectrum, Sage Vision will help start their confidence and freedom. We are committed to serving all types of communities across PA; the educational community, the elderly community, low vision employees in today’s workplace, providers and medical doctors. We carry over 100 different low vision products and offer product demonstrations, installations and support. Our goal is to help patients learn how to perform everyday tasks with their devices, foster hope that their lives will return to a new normal and thrive in their independence.

The entire Sage Vision team is dedicated to providing exceptional personal service to meet the needs of clients and customers across PA.

Meet Our Team

Dawn, the proud new owner of Sage Vision since March 2019, brings a fresh prospective to serving the needs of the sight-impaired community across the state. Her knowledge and expertise in the vision research industry serves as a unique platform to lead the company as President and CEO. Her lifetime commitment to making a difference in peoples lives guides the values and goals of the company.

Dawn graduated with a BS concentrating in International Business and French. She also received her MBA in Marketing and Economics. Serving as Executive Director at the Macula Vision Research Foundation since 2012, Dawn has a passion for working with the visually impaired and striving to build awareness and bring solutions to those who need it.

Dawn was born California and raised in the mid-west but moved to Philadelphia Pennsylvania about 25 years ago. She, along her with her dogs Maxx and Sallie loved calling PA home. In her free time she enjoys to cook and read. She also likes to strut her stuff on the golf course.

Super Power: Dawn can name-that-tune in 3 seconds or less AND she knows who the singer is!

Kelli Barnett
Kelli Barnett has been with Sage Vision since April 2018. She most recently comes from a project management position at Publicis Health Media working with big Pharma companies on their digital, print and TV marketing campaigns. She is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University with a science degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing from the Business School. She loves blending her interests in science and business and believes Sage Vision is the perfect place for her to do this. Married to her husband Ryan, they have a son, Jack and another one on the way in October 2019. In her spare time she likes to travel with her family, listen to music and work on their old farmhouse home.

Fun Fact: Kelli and her husband own a 30ft airstream trailer and for a month and a half they drove/lived along the east coast when their son was 7 months old.

Michael Brown
Michael was recently diagnosed with glaucoma. His experience as a successful small business owner has allowed him to take risks while bringing a resourceful personal touch to his role at Sage Vision. His goal for Sage is to be an activist by sharing his personal story and raise awareness of vision impairment within the minority community. His knowledge of assistive technology and low vision services allows him to build on his relationships with local faith-based and non-profit organizations.

Michael was born in West Philadelphia and graduated from New York Military Academy and Villanova University. His loves to shoot pool and go to the movies with his son, Dylan, who resides in Philadelphia.

Super Power: Movies, movies, movies! Michael is a huge movie buff and can name movie titles and actors. He can also recite movie scripts word for word on demand!

Mike Tanner
After a career as a computer specialist with the United States Treasury, Mike entered the rehabilitation arena in 2005 as an instructor and technician for a blind and low vision rehabilitation center in Pittsburgh. Being legally blind since birth, he wanted to help others achieve the success he had seen in his professional career. He started with Sage Vision in 2010 where he has been a representative serving all of Western Pennsylvania. His entire family is originally born and raised in Texas. Mike and his family moved to “the planet Pittsburgh” in the summer of 1988 for his career with the Treasury Dept. Mike and his wife Charlsie have 2 children both living within 15 minutes of them in the Pittsburgh area. They also have wonderful 3 grandsons who they love to spend time with.

Fun Fact: Mike really enjoys hobbies such as progressive bluegrass and country music. He was a professional country drummer in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Also in the early 60’s when he was involved with CB radio he was known as “The Scatter Brain”. He continues his passion for radio in amateur (ham) radio and holds an Amateur Extra class license, WE3U.

Lynn Rinaldi
Lynn brings extensive background in the continuing care retirement field to Sage Vision, as a provider and administrator. Her diversified experience and her passion for seniors show through in her dedication to the low vision community. Over the last few years Lynn has organized education and outreach programs primarily in retirement communities through health fairs, low vision support groups and conferences.

Lynn’s continual passion for the low vision community extends into her love for their family’s visually impaired dog Diesel. Lynn and her family enjoy taking trips to the beach. They are very involved in her sons’ love of soccer and her church community.

Fun Fact: no matter where she goes, a senior citizen will always come up and ask her for help

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