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The SmartView Graduate is the perfect companion for any student or traveling professional.

ONYX Swing-arm PC Edition

This small yet powerful camera provides magnification up to 75x on a 15" PC Screen and is uniquely mounted on a swinging arm to provide you with three distinct views: distance, document, and self views.

ONYX Flex-arm PC Edition

Turn your PC into a vision and image management tool that enables you to work with magnified camera images and a magnified PC view at the same time.

Twin View

Enjoy Split-Screen in glorious HD and never lose sight of the mouse pointer!

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Aladdin Genie Pro

The Genie Pro with auto focus provides a complete hardware solution for users who want a split screen computer interface.


Aumax S-featured as Dual outputs, extremely flexible and multifunctional, it is a powerful portable magnification solution as perfect companion serving you at school, at home, in office and for outdoor tasks, grow up with you and magnify your view of the world from now and forever!


The PEARL™ brings blind and low vision users instant portable access to printed material with an array of human-sounding voices.


The ClearNote+ is a lightweight, flexible solution designed for those who use a laptop or are simply in need of a magnification device.

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Clearnote Portable

Combining near and distance viewing with a robust, portable and user-friendly design makes the Optelec ClearNote+ your ideal companion in the classroom & office.

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MAGic Software

MAGic is a software solution ideally suited for computer users with low vision. It combines powerful magnification features and enhancements with synthesized speech for screen reading.

Zoomtext Software

Whether you're surfing the web, creating a document or mailing your friends, ZoomText lets you see, hear and use all of your applications easier than ever.